mopreme (mopreme) wrote,

Complete Kara-Shoryuken Listing

Here are the circumstances where Ken can do 2 jab Shoryukens.

Strong fierce Shoryuken Shoryuken
- Q

Stand strong/low forward Shoryuken Shoryuken
- Necro, Elena

Stand fierce Shoryuken Kara-Shoryuken
- Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro

Stand strong/low forward Shoryuken Kara-Shoryuken
- Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro, Urien

Strong fierce Shoryuken Shoryuken
- Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Sean, Chun Li, Makoto, 12, Necro, Urien, Elena

Strong fierce Shoryuken Kara-Shoryuken
- Remy, Ibuki, Hugo

Stand fierce Shoryuken Kara-Shoryuken
- Yun, Yang, Oro

Needless to say, if you can do chain combo or stand fierce into double Shoryuken, then things like low forward work as well. If a character is at the top of the list, then all things below should work as well.
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