mopreme (mopreme) wrote,

Kara ShinShoryuken is Awesome

Ryu can already confirm ShinShoryuken on any character with close stand strong. Stand strong gives Ryu a way to counter low parries. It can be done meaty, or normally, and linked into super. Stand strong is really good.

However, you don't pick Ryu in 3rd Strike because he is good. You pick him because he is awesome. So instead of doing something good, like stand strong into super; do something awesome, like close stand forward into kara ShinShoryuken. It works on every character in the same exact situations as stand strong.

Kara ShinShoryuken is actually not that hard to do. Verify a hit with close stand forward, then cancel low roundhouse into ShinShoryuken. It looks awesome! Stand forward knocks your opponent away; then kara ShinShoryuken like teleports yourself back next to them. The trick is to not do the super too early. You have plenty of time after forward hits to do the super motion, and kara-cancel low roundhouse at the start of the second fireball motion.

From a logical standpoint, there is no reason really to ever try this. Kara ShinShoryuken is all sorts of unnecessary. And that is why it is awesome.
Tags: ryu
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