mopreme (mopreme) wrote,

Verifiable Kara-uppercut Mid-screen

Kara-uppercut is really good. I have been trying to find more ways to land it, but generally it is up to your opponent to mess up to give you an opportunity to hit them, such as whiffing a throw for instance. Low forward -> DP and stand strong -> DP are generally the two main ways to land it. Unfortunately, neither is verifiable.

The hit confirm kara-uppercut mid-screen, the only way that seems to work is meaty UOH -> DP. It’s good, like after landing a super. But after a normal knockdown, your opponent can quick recover, and doesn’t leave you enough to time set up a meaty UOH on wake up. I have been trying to find some other way to land kara-DP mid-screen. Although I don’t think there is any other way, I came across something I thought was neat while experimenting.

I was thinking that if you could link jap DP after a meaty stand strong, that would give you enough time to verify it. You can in fact link jab DP after a meaty stand strong, however, you can’t get a second kara-DP. When you cancel stand strong into DP, you move forward and cancel before you get pushed back from the strong punch hitting. But when you link it, you get pushed back the full distance of the strong hitting, so you are not in range to hit a second jab DP. But you can link DP after a meaty stand strong. Not really useful, but kind of neat.

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